Center of Influence Community

Write, Publish, Speak, Network, and Connect All in One Place.

Are you a Coach, Consultant, Speaker or Thought Leader looking for a Community that provides you support?
Welcome to the Center of Influence Community, where we provide our members with a multitude of opportunities
to write, speak, network, be published in powerful anthologies, and make meaningful connections.
Check out our membership page and determine which membership level is right for you.
Join us as we build an organic community based on the premise that when one of us prospers, we all prosper.

Meet us on Zoom every Thursday evening at 4 pm and Monday mornings for networking and lively discussions!

What we are offering Center of Influence authors:

  • 2 Year executive membership to the Center of Influence community
  • Write a powerful chapter of 5000 words in one anthology (8 authors minimum – 10 maximum)
  • Coaching on writing your chapter from two established best-selling authors/ghostwriters
  • 20 copies of the book you are in
  • Author pricing for purchasing books – deeply discounted from the book price
  • Step by Step instructions on how to set up your author page on Amazon
  • A full Amazon Best-Seller launch campaign for the book you are in
  • Listed on the books page on our website
  • Inclusion in the book trailer for the book you are in
  • Ability to use your book chapter as a lead gen with a custom cover image created for you
  • Ability to offer discounts on your services, programs, workshops etc.
  • Discounts on all other services offered by C of I (ex. websites, marketing materials, courses etc.)
  • Acceptance in our private social media clubs
  • Invitation to all network meetings both public and members only
  • 30 second commercial at all network meetings
  • A personal Author page on our site with your bio, links, & contact info


Benefits of Basic Membership

  •  Network with like-minded professionals
  • Attend free mastermind classes and workshops
  • Get discounts on joining groups associated with the Community
  • Access to forums on CRMs, marketing, book promotions, etc.

Benefits of Executive Membership

  •  All the benefits of Basic Membership
  • Special networking events for your specific audience
  • Ability to post two events on the central calendar each month
  • Advertise your services to the rest of the Community
  • Be invited to present your expertise in online workshops
  • One author spotlight in an Anthology that fits your business

Why be in an Anthology?

If you’re a business owner with a strong brand, an entrepreneur, or a thought leader, being part of an anthology can be a great a way to promote your business, elevate your platform, or position you as the go-to expert in your field.

Some benefits of being in a Center of Influence Anthology:

  • Increase Your Visibility and Credibility: You can potentially reach a wider audience and attract new clients or customers. (Especially if the anthology becomes a bestseller!)
  • Build Authority: By contributing your expertise to an anthology, you can demonstrate your knowledge and
    expertise, helping to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.
  • Create New Networking Opportunities: Your book can provide you with opportunities to network with other
    experts and industry leaders, which can lead to new business opportunities.
  • Create Ways to Generate Leads: Use the book and your chapter to get on podcasts and summits, pull quotes and concepts for social media posts and even blogs. Create book signing events online and at books stores and local venues.

Last, but certainly not least, being in a bestselling anthology means you now have the bragging rights to say you are a bestselling author – without having to write an entire book on your own!  This can provide an easier (and less expensive!) way into the bestselling authors club.

Why be in one of our Anthologies?

We take a unique angle on producing anthologies.  Our anthologies have a maximum of 10 people in each book for two reasons. First, with only 10 people in each book, you will stand out as an author. Second, Amazon only allow 10 people to be listed as authors in any one book. All authors in our books are listed on the front cover, have head shots on the back cover, and are listed as authors on Amazon so we can help set up your individual Amazon author’s page. We strive to make each book an Amazon Best-seller and each of you a bestselling author. 

Every author who works with us becomes an Executive Member of The Center of Influence and benefits from our weekly networking, marketing, advice, connections with speaker associations, podcasters, and event planners. The book is just the beginning of the process to create more value for you and your business.

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