✨️STAR-STRIKE YOUR BRAND MESSAGE✨️ – 2hr workshop just 11€ – July 6th

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Offered by Judith Juhnke | June 27, 2023

Masterclass-Workshop: ✨️STAR-STRIKE YOUR BRAND MESSAGE✨️
July 6th – 11:30pm EST/ 5:30pm UK / 6:30pm CET

Create Content That Converts from Purpose-Frequency Without Self-Doubting Your Message!
Learn how to turn your brand message into SALES with these 3 simple steps!

Discover how to
💚1. Turn your strength into an aligned brand message that will help you attract ideal clients into your vortex EASILY
💚2. Create On-Brand Content knowing what to say online by going deeper than “surface level” with your copy & message with my SOUL2SALE Framework
💚3. Activate your Creative Consciousness & Embody Evolution by learning my SECRET to create content directly from your INNER KNOWING

and Walk Away with Your Aligned Brand Message

Looking forward to get to know you and your galactic business.

Love & Trust

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