✨️STAR-STRIKE YOUR BRAND MESSAGE✨️ – 2hr workshop just 11€ – July 6th

Masterclass-Workshop: ✨️STAR-STRIKE YOUR BRAND MESSAGE✨️
July 6th – 11:30pm EST/ 5:30pm UK / 6:30pm CET

Create Content That Converts from Purpose-Frequency Without Self-Doubting Your Message!
Learn how to turn your brand message into SALES with these 3 simple steps!

Discover how to
💚1. Turn your strength into an aligned brand message that will help you attract ideal clients into your vortex EASILY
💚2. Create On-Brand Content knowing what to say online by going deeper than “surface level” with your copy & message with my SOUL2SALE Framework
💚3. Activate your Creative Consciousness & Embody Evolution by learning my SECRET to create content directly from your INNER KNOWING

and Walk Away with Your Aligned Brand Message

Looking forward to get to know you and your galactic business.

Love & Trust

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Judith Juhnke

Judith Juhnke

Judith is a Starseed Transformation Coach & Business Mentor from Germany with 250+ evolved clients through her work.
She supports Female Visionaries, Healers & Psychic Entrepreneurs expressing their Soul’s Gifts into a successful Online Business through Pioneer Wisdom Activation and 5th Dimension Marketing.
Judith believes: Your business is an expression of your soul’s purpose and that’s the paradigm shift 8 billion people need to make looking at business.
Through overcoming her childhood trauma of 3 yrs of abuse, she re-activated, trained and remembered her own psychic skills and her soul’s purpose to lead a league of light leaders creating new earth life.
Judith holds a degree in International Business & Management, a decade in corporate sales & business development and is certified as an energy healer, emotion coach and positive psychology coach as well as trained & informed in trauma work, breathwork, neuro-somatic work and web 3 based business.
Combining everything she knows about human evolution, our brain & psyche and energetics with online business strategy, crypto, web 3 & marketing, she built her own business from scratch to 5-fig months and is now teaching others the same through her success proven framework.
Judith shares life with her soul-mate Daniel for 20+ years, has traveled 30+ countries, lived in 3 and is passionate about dancing, vegan food, web 3 and evolving the way we get to express ourselves fully and freely.