Become a Marketing Partner

There are two ways to become a marketing partner for the Center of Influence Community and earn commissions.

  • Author/Marketing Partner

If you would like to organize an anthology  in your business vertical, then you get your seat for FREE when you bring 7 to 9 authors to the table, plus you will receive 10% of the upfront revenue.  

Or… be a Marketing Partner

If you are a coach or consultant with a long list of clients who would like to become bestselling authors, or a podcaster with a history of many guests, you can present us with 8 to 10 authors, and you will receive 20% of the initial revenue.


Once you have selected a topic, created a title and gained interest, we will step in and help you with a sales page and information sessions.  Once you have gauged interest, you will sign an agreement with the Center of Influence and you will have three months to complete signing up 7 to 9 authors.

We will then be responsible for the editorial meetings and the final production of the Anthology, while the author/marketing partner is responsible for making sure all authors come to meetings and meet deadlines.

Marketing partners will work with Center of Influence to identify the book concept for each book they plan to market to their audience/groups for author participation. Once the concept is agreed upon, the Marketing Partner will approach their audience/groups to initiate the application to be part of the planned compilation book.

The selling of spaces in the book is the responsibility of the Marketing Partner but Center of Influence publishing will have the opportunity to offer spaces in the book to potential authors if spaces are available. Each compilation book will allow for up 10 author entries (known as chapters) with a minimum of 8 entries required to complete the project.

Contact us for more details on how to partner with us.