Carmen Cardoso


  • Leading with Light

The Quantum Birth Doula


Carmen is a Transformational Quantum Coach, VBAC Mentor and Doula helping women across the globe take back their power so that they can achieve their dream births, and live life on their terms! Born in South Africa, and raised by strict Portuguese parents, it has taken Carmen some time to heal and create safety within herself, so that she could speak from her soul’s truth, which is exactly why she was put on this Earth!

Carmen received the calling to tap into the birth world about 10 years ago, following the traumatic experience from her first daughter’s birth that left her feeling completely broken… that was the day that she vowed to herself that she was going to make a difference!

The birth prep method that Carmen teaches, has been lived and breathed by her in her own VBA2C journey (vaginal birth after 2 caesareans), because she wanted to see whether the work she had done would’ve been sufficient for her to birth in the system. It was a massive risk that certainly paid off, because she only went and achieved her powerful birth, and as a result she has paved the way for many others to do the exact same!

Carmen is a firm believer that you can have the Utopia birth, business, and life, and this has been the driving force in creating the most impactful Coaching Program Birth CEO, because how you birth ultimately defines how you lead!