Is Having a Bestselling Book the New Business Card?

I was giving a presentation a few months ago where I was giving pointers on how to decide if you should write a book to promote your business.  And, of course, I got the question “Isn’t everyone having a bestselling book making it no longer special?”  Well, yes and no!  Yes, having a book is not as ‘special’ as it was 10 years ago, as many more entrepreneurs have figured out how to have a bestselling book on Amazon. 

However, this fact does not negate the need to investigate writing a book as a way to promote your business – you just have to be careful to ensure that you 1.) end up writing a book that will shine a light on your brand, 2.) you understand how to use bestseller author status as a marketing tool.!  (Just getting the status does not guarantee you success in your business!)

If you are a coach, a consultant, a speaker or are aspiring to be a thought leader, then the expectation is that you will also be an author (preferably a bestselling one!).  Publishing the right book (or anthology) really has become as expected as having a business card.

Here at Center of Influence Community we are dedicated to providing all the support necessary for our authors to be in a bestselling anthology that will give them a cost-effective way to becoming a bestselling author.  And, equally important, is we provide the support needed to use that tool to the highest and best use.

Becoming a bestselling author (whether as a stand-alone book, or in an anthology) gives you a very useful tool to promote your business – but just like a hammer, it will not do you any good if it stays in the toolbox!  The Center of Influence Community is dedicated to working with our authors to make sure that each one is zeroed in on the best book (or anthology!) to write. We put together a promotional plan that will mean you get the best results from your new ‘tool’.  The first step is to book a Call and begin investigating what it could look like for you to be a bestselling author!