Life by Design book 2

In this second book in the series, Kim Ward, coach and social media expert, asks the authors to weigh in on how they approach the creation of balance in their work and life. How do you measure success?

Sometimes, to achieve financial success, our family life suffers. Sometimes, we lose sight of our need for rest, relaxation, stress relief and even the opportunity to just “play.” In these chapters, each author offers insight to how they “make it all work.” Each has a different slant on the subject of balance. Each author offers tactics, tricks, and tips for the reader. If you are struggling to find ways to be successful in all aspects of your life, to create ways to put energy into making money, elevating your business life, while still enjoying family time and time for yourself, this book will be very beneficial. Each author offers ways to connect with them and learn even more about their methods and programs.


Meet The Authors: Martha Brown, Dara Lee Simmons, Joni Goodmann, Lisa Wages, Adair Vogel, Sherrill Porterfield, Tonia Smith, Sharon Keathley, Tina Guimar, Marcia Domecq, Monika Greczek, Laura Cooke, Cheryl Cobbin, Mitch Creedy, and Jill Arrington