Rounding the Curves

In a world full of broken people raising broken people, where are you learning to develop strong character traits? Without strong character traits, how can you be resilient when life throws whatever it feels like at you? With working parents and so much time spent online instead of doing chores and creative family projects, where is that wisdom passed down? Are character traits taught in school? Church? Where?

Without strong character traits how can people possibly develop resiliency to survive the insanity in the world or just the normal tough stuff happening here and there?

To shed a little light on this darker subject’s ups and downs, Roxy Cross, living in the mountain west, wrote Rounding the Curves. To drive safely in the mountains you must pay attention, keep your hands on the wheel and be completely aware of all the conditions around you. It also helps to have an experienced mountain driver to teach you. This is a good comparison to life in general.

Navigating divorce, depression, job loss, comas, other injuries, camping, death, and other life events with strong, positive character traits will help you be more resilient. Reading this book may help you not feel so alone in your own struggles, because if Roxy can do it, so can you.

Grab a large glass of water, a box of tissues you may or may not need, then enjoy this wild ride via one woman’s journey!