The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit for Success

Female entrepreneurs wear many hats – accounting, marketing, P.R., sales, but we shine brightest when we focus on our Zone of Genius- our passion, expertise, and abilities. The Entrepreneurs’ Toolkit for Success offers support, knowledge, and community in these 15 chapters written by seasoned, entrepreneurs, each offering advice and actionable tips to new entrepreneurs and others who need more support, training, resources, tools, and networking. No one begins their business journey knowing all the answers. Providing access to accomplished women experts was the goal of Hey Taxi when producing this book written by a powerful group of financial experts, course creators, community leaders, wellness and life coaches sharing their journeys and talents. Learn from your peers, each with a different business focus, personal story, and key tips they used to find success often despite adversity. In this book you’ll find inspiration, comradery, and practical, take-away knowledge plus the expert resources of these authors you can leverage. We encourage you to use the links to connect with each author directly.


This wonderful collection of entrepreneurial success was collaborated and sponsored by Dawn Cermak and Jill Knerr, Founders of Hey Taxi, LLC.

Meet The Authors: Barbara Johnson, Beth Ann Kaib, Patty Lach Daigle, Zaiba Hason, Jennifer McClain, JoAnne Dykhuizen, Julie jones, Kate Klasen, Kathy Starr, laura Enzor, Lil Barcaski, Lisa Malone, Melissa Deally, Traci Hill.