Brenda Balding


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Brenda L. Balding


Brenda L Balding RN, MA. Spiritual Guide for Women Who Struggle With Food or Body Image, author, and energy healer. 

Brenda devotes time every day to support and expand her own spiritual journey of discovery for health and healing. She aids others in their self exploration by sharing her own experience related to food, food behaviors, body image, and spiritual connection.

Brenda has been in the care giving arena for most of her life. She has a Masters in Human Services and many doctoral courses as well. She is also a level two Reiki Healer as well as an energy healer. She may be an added support to any health modalities you currently use, and is not a replacement for any.

She has found that as long as she continues on the road of discovery, willing to learn about herself, expanding her relationship with her Higher Power, there is much to share and assist others to discover.