Deanna L Vicera


  • Leading with Light

Messages from The Skyye


DR D was born and raised in New Jersey

Deanna – Divine&Reborn (DR D) has been unknowingly Clairaudient as a child Which continued through adulthood .
Through spiritual counseling, psychic development , life coach and spiritual training :
Deanna has harnessed her natural born gift and has begun her journey as a light worker sharing her gifts through private readings and counseling.
She is multifaceted in her teachings
Of grief work, inner child work, shadow work, relationship issues, and more by raising one’s awareness in turn increasing one’s level of consciousness truly looking at their souls purpose and uncovering the blocks that keep us stuck from truly ascending upward in this lifetime.
Dr D communicates with spirit for the knowledge and wisdom necessary for our own souls purpose of evolution , freedom, and happiness in this lifetime!