Jennifer Markham


  • Sacred Connection

Vitality Healing

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Markham, ND is a visionary artist, naturopathic doctor, teacher, writer, and speaker supporting individuals on their healing journey, the journey to Self-actualization and optimal health. She educates, inspires, and empowers individuals in harmonizing body, mind, and spirit. In private practice since 2016, Vitality Healing Centre, she infuses individualized quantum healing therapeutics, such as craniosacral, acupuncture, botanical, biotherapeutic drainage, applied kinesiology, gemstones, sound, art and color therapy. She paints a picture of the soul on a human journey, with dis-ease being an opportunity to remember who we are and discover one’s dharmic path through the healing journey. True Healing is a journey from dissonance to resonance with One’s True Self. In this way, One’s world transforms from the inside out.

She is passionate in bringing together community for the offering of healing practices, creative arts, education, and experiences for the support of living in harmony with nature, within and without.