Kat Krieger


  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling



Kat has spent her career executive, experienced executive, experienced in building high-impact, customer-driven strategies and campaigns for CEOs, non-profit boards, startups, and B2B and CPG clients. As a certified trauma-informed professional, she runs her own marketing consultancy RCX, which enables companies to achieve happier and more connected workplaces and marketplaces. This niche of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging (EDIB) empowers trauma-informed empathy in companies across products, content, and the work environment itself.

She’s developed the Radical Customer Experience™ framework, which is an empathy-driven customer approach combining trauma-informed, inclusive, and strengths-based marketing, technology, and infrastructure to deepen brand loyalty for both internal and external customers. She has previously run marketing for companies such as Together for Safer Roads, Joyride Coffee, Multiplying Good, and Brand Connections.

She also serves as an advisor to BRIDGE, the first ever trade organization dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion for the marketing industry. She is a member of the CMO Club, National Association of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (NAEDI), the National Diversity Council, and the RAINN Speakers Bureau. Kat is an active public speaker, advocate, and contributor at venues like SXSW, Vision Zero Cities, NYC DCAS, Forbes, Association of National Advertisers, Serial Advisors, and iHeart Marketing.

Kat is the founder of the PTS/C-PTS advocacy organization Stand Up to Trauma. She holds an additional training certification for Child Sex Abuse Awareness, and is a proud volunteer for the School Leadership Team at Lyons Community School, the first 6-12 school in NYC founded around restorative justice. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her two daughters.