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Mickey Quinn Consulting


Mickey Quinn is a certified speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant specializing in goal setting, goal getting, and leadership development.
Mickey held a wide variety of positions throughout her career in corporate retail: buyer, marketing and communications manager, director of merchandise, director of store operations, vice president of operations and customer service, president, and chief executive officer. Throughout her career Mickey worked for several national chains such as JCPenney, Barnes & Noble, Coldwater Creek, and Vanity.
Mickey’s favorite part of her retail career was helping people learn, grow, and develop their skills to be the best they could be. She realized she could put her experience and talents to use in helping others to succeed in an even broader way.
Mickey Quinn Consulting, LLC was formed in early 2018. Mickey founded Retail Level Up, a division of Mickey Quinn Consulting, in 2019, focusing on helping small to mid-size retailers attract and retain top talent by developing compelling employee team environments that deliver exceptional customer service.
Mickey is dedicated to helping others do, be, and have more of what they want to achieve in their businesses, professional, and personal lives.
Mickey Quinn Consulting, LLC and Retail Level Up provide training, coaching, and consulting services to individuals, businesses, and their teams. Her key areas of focus are helping clients with new business ventures, standardization and documentation of operations, leadership team development, and communication skills.