Mindy Scarlett


  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling

The Scarlett Creative Group

Managing Director and Head Ghostwriter

Mindy Scarlett, Managing Director of the Scarlett Creative Group, specializes in helping coaches, consultants and thought leaders write a bestselling book to shine a light on their brand, gain visibility and increase revenue.  After running a full service in person marketing company in New Jersey for almost a decade, she moved to Florida, just in time for Covid lockdown and had to pivot her business.

She “niched down” to providing four ways that a business owner can cross the bestselling author line: Done for You (full concierge version), Done with You (coached version), Workshop (group coaching) and Anthology Books done through the Center of Influence Community.  The most important part is that she uses her 30 years’ experience in marketing and branding to ensure each client is writing the best possible book for their business!