Nan Leffingwell


  • Leading with Light

Tymbal Mindfulness Coaching

Breathwork and Mindfulness Teacher

As a professional member of the International Breathwork Foundation, mindfulness teacher, and Certified Online Breathwork Facilitator from the Alchemy of Breath school with more than 300 hours of training under her belt, Nan Leffingwell is passionate about paving the way toward peace and presence. At Tymbal Mindfulness Coaching, her eclectic teacher’s toolbox offers a fresh perspective on the marriage between open awareness and focused attention, in practice and in life. She empowers clients to foster a mindfully peaceful existence, pairing formal meditation with presence-building life activities, like crafting and enjoying nature. As a result, clients benefit from increased performance and presence: at work, in relationships, and during downtime.
Nan has the perfect personal background for mindfulness, having spent many long, pleasant days fully in the present moment. When out in nature, she grounds her focus in the five senses. When writing code for technical clients, she has enjoyed focus and flow, including breaks to mindfully drink tea and listen to her intuition for solutions.
Nan’s first breathwork session was a game-changer. In body and mind, she felt so peaceful, balanced, and safe. In 2021, when so many people were still suffering as a result of the pandemic, she felt called to lead free breathwork sessions. Today, through courses, retreats, and coaching, Nan combines breathwork with mindful living practices, aiming to create lasting positive change in thousands of lives.