Victoria Leckenby


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Vicky is a transformational and trauma-informed coach for Lightleaders that are ready to birth their Purpose! She works with those who know that they just can’t wake up in a year’s time feeling like their potential is still untapped!
She supports visionaries and healers to unleash their full potential that until now hasn’t been fully expressed. In these times, our gifts are needed more than ever and we are being called to step into our fullness. Vicky believes that through reaching deeper levels of authenticity and self worth you can unlock the magic and true power within so that you can make the kind of impact and income that transforms lives.
Vicky holds a BSc in Economics and Post Grads in both Teaching and Enterprise and has worked as a leader in schools for 13 years prior to embarking on her own business over 10 years ago.
Despite this, for decades she lived her life for others and out of alignment with self. Desperately addicted to external validation and with a money story that was one of ‘feast to famine’. Through her personal journey Vicky triumphed into worthiness and rewrote her broken financial blueprint. She has trained in various modalities and transformational coaching methods to combine the necessary inner work with the business strategy to assist others in aligning to their soul purpose. It is her mission for Lightworkers to finally feel that they are utilising the huge value they are holding within and living by her mantra, “Choose You”. She believes our Net Worth is a reflection of our Self Worth.
Vicky enjoys travelling with her partner Pablo and has homeschooled her 2 children Harvey & Lyla. She originates from the UK but has been residing in beautiful New Zealand these past 14 years. She is a lover of nutritious food, salsa dancing and laughter! She has her own app with free resources and she runs a regular free Workshop Series The Purpose Paradox.